We were told the city was flattened so to come back to the tourist area Thamel and see it intact gave us a false impression of not much damage. While I have mentioned the damage before It’s when you walk around more that you see the cracked pavements and the walls. So a lot more than meets the eye. Engineers… Read more →

Gift of the Givers

Thank you again to each of you who look at my photo’s, followed my journey and or liked my page. Gift of the givers left on Wednesday night so I was only able to help for two days. On our 2nd day we went to Lubhoo. Food parcels were handed out and again an even more confined space meant I… Read more →

The Priveledge of Priveledge

I only jumped at the chance of helping Gift of the Givers and Dr Sooliman when I heard they were in Nepal offering their services. Dr Sooliman is the founder of this extra ordinary organization and from my home town. Although before now he had no clue who I was, I felt he was already a part of my heart.… Read more →

From Lukla to Kathmandu

So Sunday saw us fly from Lukla to Kathmandu. It’s always different flying back to Katmandu. It’s finality. The airport is chaos in the morning but the Nepalese are so used to this and so somehow this mass amount of people gets sorted and moved. The ride had a fair amount of turbulence as the himilayers passed us on the… Read more →

Our walk to Namche Bazaar

Where to start. Our walk to Namche Bazaar on the 28.4.15 was just like you would expect…beautiful. Nepals National flower was in full bloom and literally lit up the mountains even from far yonder! The walk was a mixture of ups and downs. At the top of one hill we we heard an unusual noise…I’ve gotten used to the fact… Read more →

Day 27

Again last night we we told of another earthquake. Poor access to internet has made us dependent on people with sat phones. Some of our team sleep in the dinning room as it’s easy access out the building. I sleep in a tent outside. It’s a poor sleep. 10pm the earth shakes for a while. There are so many avalanches… Read more →

The Avalanche

I’ve had a very restless night. I feel I haven’t slept. I hear our Sirdar speaking to Ronnie but I’m not sure if we leaving to camp1 today. I close my eyes, they’ll wake me if we’re going. Our backpacks are packed for camp1. It’s almost breakfast at 900am. I’m putting on my shoes. I’m a bit dissapointed that we… Read more →

Day 24

It’s 2am on the 23rd, I hear the Sherpas crunch on the stones past my tent. It’s warm and comfortable in my little haven. You need to walk through the icefall pretty early as the ice melts making it unstable later. Our Sherpas did there second load carry to camp1, 6000m and camp2, 6500m. These camps need some tweeking but… Read more →

Day 23

The 22nd had us going up Pumori. I felt as if I was wake the whole night but was pretty rested when I got up. Altitude causes sleeplessness. It was as if we climbed another mountain. The snow had dramatically cleared. Elizabeth not feeling 100% and I ventured on. Our tour to many would mean we were severely off course… Read more →

Day 22

We spend the day on Pumori but more about that later. First some of our other adventures. Afternoon ice practising. Getting used to gloves and ropes is a little different to rock climbing! Again using an ascender like a jumar and always safety first. Then abseiling down. This proved more difficult again as I couldn’t steady my crampons into the… Read more →