The Team

Ronnie Muhl

Ronnie Muhl is our Western Guide and managing director of  Adventures Global (the company I’m going through), this is his 6th Everest expedition.  Ronnie will attempt to summit Everest again this year. He was with us all the way, it was great having him around. In 2014, he helped alot wheter it be gear, calming our nerves, to getting on the mountain. 2015 will see him helping us again at each step.

Dawa Sherpa

Dawa Sherpa is our logistics guru in Nepal from Dream Himilayers. By law we have to go through a Nepalese company and Ronnie certainly got one of the best here. Dawa payed such attention to detail, he is always eager to help and has a great team of sherpas and cooks that are part of our team.

We have a team of Shepas that last year were lead by Ang Kami. Ang Kami is one of those quiet confident souls. Nothing seems to bother him. I often teased him as I was normally last when we were hiking to basecamp and always said it was because I was waiting for him 🙂 He lead our boys so well in 2014 so we ‘re hoping to see him in 2015

Alyssa Azar

18yr old Australian, Alyssa Azar who is hoping to be the Youngest Australian to summit. She was with us last year as well. Alyssa completed Ama dablam later in 2014, a mountain that I have my eyes set on. Alyssa is very focussed and we wish her all the best.

Elizabeth Bool

Elizabeth Bool, not only is she a partner to Ronnie, our leader but also the ‘mother in our camp’ she always has something to say often keeping us in hysterics. She’s on a camp 3 permit, 6500m

Other familiar names to the mountain

Robby Kojetin. I met Robby at a K-Way function last year. Robby was always keen to hear my story and support me. Robby submitted Mount Everest in 2009, betting a lot of odds.

Katlego Letheo. I randomly got introduced to her this year. It’s always good to see a familiar face on the mountain!  Follow her on.

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