Day 21

Another sunny day but were always in need of a jersey or two because outdoors the winds remind you just where you are.
People are going up through the icefall and most news is good with a little adjuments it’ll all be good news. One series of verical ladders near the end seems to be causing hours of delay for now. Just to look at the icefall you cant see much with all the black crevices and white snow but with binoculars our eyes slowly get adjusted to what is a line and what is a person! We sit and watch these little dots moving along, popping up and can see a fair bit of our soon to be path.
Our guys went up today so well have good feedback soon.
They’ll do another load carry on Thursday and hopefully we’ll start on Saturday. It was a bit daunting to hear the words that it’ll be Saturday.
Our play date in the snow was moved to this afternoon.
Yesterday Saray from Ubuntu Everest and I tried to meet the other South Africans but they were on another peak still so well try later in the week to pop in for a visit.
My walk to Saray, who is down the road, had changed somewhat, where there was ice there is now gushing streams and it was a bit technical to not get your feet wet. That’s what a bit of sun can do! I’m imagining a months time!
Saray and I decided to cruse around basecamp and we bumped into a South African Lysle Turner an adventurer with a cause. He’s aiming to be the youngest South African to Summit Everest, go and see his page.
Along we were walking and across the river I spotted a grey beared man in a red jacket…Allan….he seemed to respond. It was in fact Allan Arnette. He is my, and probably for many, the guru on Mount Everest. He does comprehensive reports and interviews and it’s always exciting to see how his blog unfolds. On my website you can find the link to his page.
That for me was a huge highlight to see him! Tx Allan! He’ll be climbing Lhotse 8516m in the weeks to come and we wish him all the luck.
What a great afternoon! Well here’s to today!
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