Day 22

We spend the day on Pumori but more about that later. First some of our other adventures.
Afternoon ice practising. Getting used to gloves and ropes is a little different to rock climbing! Again using an ascender like a jumar and always safety first. Then abseiling down. This proved more difficult again as I couldn’t steady my crampons into the ice which landed up hanging on safety and breathlessness. The abseil point was a pretty difficult one to start which made it rather hard. Finally after many kicks I go my crampons in the ice and the rest was history.
The abseil points got moved and then it was much easier with some other twists to increase our skills. Big thanks to legends like Neil and Lars who gave Stuart and I many tips!
Then it was learning to “catch ourselves if we fall’ known as self arrest which uses an ice axe to stop yourself if you fall from different angles. It’s a bit easier when you pretend to fall….and then can self arrest quickly! You look like a pro…hopefully we don’t have to use this.
After this another date with Saray from Ubuntu Everest as we ventured on our South African mission. We couldn’t find our guests but ran into Claudio a Kenyan at another spot. We laughed at the toilet arrangements for the boys! Again we were so thankful for where we were as we’re on a flat piece of glacier not a hilly one like many!
We eventually got directed to our destination. Here we would see Allan Arnette and Louis from SA. We swopped stories and some autographs and then a few pics! We met Mibs a Norwegian who will be doing a double summit aswell. We found her for our friend Lars whose also Norwegian.
Saray had been through the icefall that morning….look how good she looks!!!
Saray had a quick impromptu interview then we were off to tell our tales to others.
As always Thandi from CHOC and Cupcake from Cupcakes4kids just can’t get enough of the snow! Please help support kids with cancer by going and donating to or

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