Day 24

It’s 2am on the 23rd, I hear the Sherpas crunch on the stones past my tent. It’s warm and comfortable in my little haven.
You need to walk through the icefall pretty early as the ice melts making it unstable later.
Our Sherpas did there second load carry to camp1, 6000m and camp2, 6500m. These camps need some tweeking but are pretty sorted. Two of our Lhotse boys started there first rotation on the 23rd. Lars not feeling 100% decided to wait another day.
The sun was out so making the most we caught up on washing and domestics. Our 2 other Everest ladies are on their way but their bags have arrived! We’ll see them soon!
Saray from Ubuntu Everest and I had planned to see the other South Africans in Sean Wisedales group.
I picked up Saray and I joking told them my rent was due soon as I’m always treated to hot chocolate on my visit.
We snuck through another team, IMGs camp as it’s not really the done thing to do this but the other SA team is not so accessible otherwise. We wondered if team IMG have started their rotation as it really quite there and it’s a huge group.
After getting to the South African Sean’s tent we were graciously welcomed by Sean and his team. Rob basecamp manager. Molly, Wilamenia and Nic.
They were sponsored biltong so we happily felt like home on the puffy chairs and Saray couldn’t get enough of the rooibos tea.
We swopped stories and adventures on life and other mountains and joined in on lunch and continued chatting. Saray would need to chill before she heads up the mountain so we halted our stories after 3hours catch up for another day.
That means thus far there are 5 ladies on the mountain which is rather remarkable seen that their have only been 3 ladies to have summited. There are 10 South Africans on Everest that we know of with an 11th climbing Lhotse.
Making SA proud. Holding thumbs for 11 successful summits!!!

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