Day 27

Again last night we we told of another earthquake. Poor access to internet has made us dependent on people with sat phones.
Some of our team sleep in the dinning room as it’s easy access out the building. I sleep in a tent outside. It’s a poor sleep. 10pm the earth shakes for a while. There are so many avalanches that we hear. I sleep with my boots on and we have planned our escape from the tent. We are still pretty shaken.
Morning comes. The forecast was heavy snow but it’s a beautiful day The helicopters are flying from 545am. I still have no appetite.
We choose to go to Basecamp. The walk to basecamp has rocks on either side. There are normal rock falls but you look up and stare and freeze for an instant in fear of an avalanche.
Our walk into basecamp doesn’t show to much devestation as that side wasn’t really hit. Our Sherpas had fixed our tents. Our gear is all intact. It was packing all our cargo luggage. Once this was done the weather was coming in and I partly walked to the affected area. I was also nervous of a second avalanche so didn’t want to go any further. There were destroyed tents and rubble along the way.
Our boys are back!! Stuart and Neil walked to camp1 today and were rescued! There were one of the last so I think that everyone has been rescued from camp 1 and 2 now.
It was almost time to go. Our boys said Saray is back so I’m off to meet her, Molly also came so her team is also safe!!
It was a relief to get back to Gorak Shep. Our team will probably head out to Kathmandu over the next few says.
My appetite is back and we’ll sleep inside tonight. Relieved.
I feel I now hopefully have the mental strength to help with the disaster in Kathmandu.
We have been very blessed. Thank you again for all your prayers for Nepal.
Internet is very poor so thank you for all the messages I haven’t been able to read.

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