From Lukla to Kathmandu

So Sunday saw us fly from Lukla to Kathmandu.

It’s always different flying back to Katmandu. It’s finality.

The airport is chaos in the morning but the Nepalese are so used to this and so somehow this mass amount of people gets sorted and moved.

The ride had a fair amount of turbulence as the himilayers passed us on the right.

At Katmandu airport we started to see all the aid. It was difficult to see major disaster from the air on our short 30min flight from the Himalayers.

It’s been great to see more of our friends safe in Kathmandu. One of our injuried friends, although sporting a black eye was all smiles. He was able to film the avalanche and only got his footage yesterday which is already in demand.

Looking around the earthquake is evident in the cracks of the walls and around the streets. The pile of rubble on the side of the roads. The half collapsed building.

We haven’t been to any area of massive destruction as yet.

As I walked around the tourist area in Thamel I visited the shops I normally frequented and found them all safe. Some of them still sleeping in tents and some had their houses destroyed.

After a team supper at the well known Rum Doodle it was time for our remaining team to part ways.

This morning I opted to join the SA team Gift of the Givers…..and guess who arrived on the bus! Saray!