Gift of the Givers

Thank you again to each of you who look at my photo’s, followed my journey and or liked my page.

Gift of the givers left on Wednesday night so I was only able to help for two days.

On our 2nd day we went to Lubhoo.

Food parcels were handed out and again an even more confined space meant I played the pharmacist again.

There were very few direct traumas that we saw but of course there was alot of anxiety.

They quietly formed a long line and waited either for the doctors or for their food parcels. Except for the sweets at the end…then there will always be a frenzy!

When the food parcels were finished they simply accepted that they were finished and walked away.

This night would have been the first night I would be alone. It was different. There are still tremors although mild.

Gift of the givers had slept at a school where we also slept. My friend gave up her 5 star hotel to sleep here. I had the fortune of interacting with Mike and Kate the 2 South Africans who were trapped in Langtang. The ordeal was certainly scary and although different we could both relate to each other. Gift of the Givers had taken them under their wings.

There was a lot of media with the Gift of the Givers reporting back to SA. I’m sure you can recognize familiar faces.

The stars undoubtedly were the dedication of all the doctors and nurses, many of whom had taken unpaid leave or used up annual leave to bless the people of Nepal. Not forgetting the countless reporters and cameraman who worked long into the night.

More tomorrow on Kathmandu.