We were told the city was flattened so to come back to the tourist area Thamel and see it intact gave us a false impression of not much damage. While I have mentioned the damage before It’s when you walk around more that you see the cracked pavements and the walls.

So a lot more than meets the eye.

Engineers have been to some to approve the buildings. Some locals say government will give them money to rebuild their houses. Some houses are fine according to their owners but others are still living in tents. The shop owner I met today showed me his house. Opposite walls collapsed.

I was told of areas of devestation and at first I was keen to go look but after this I was wasn’t keen. Not keen to see more tents and then to see more houses destroyed. Not keen to see more poverty. Always keen to see happy faces though and that is what I’d have seen. Nepal is just carrying on and rightfully so because Monsoon is approaching and it’s approaching faster than expected according to a lot of locals. We’ve had two down pouring already.

Rebuilding was more prevalent in the villages where they’ll be more affected by the rains and also have less help.

The streets of Thamel, the well known tourist area are getting busier and shops are starting to open later. Some remain closed as there owners have gone to the damaged villages!

Thank you for all your prayers for a truly beautiful country xxx

If you would like to donate to Nepal I have reliable contacts.

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