Our walk to Namche Bazaar

Where to start. Our walk to Namche Bazaar on the 28.4.15 was just like you would expect…beautiful.

Nepals National flower was in full bloom and literally lit up the mountains even from far yonder!

The walk was a mixture of ups and downs.

At the top of one hill we we heard an unusual noise…I’ve gotten used to the fact that helicopters aren’t avalanches…but the sound continued. I rose to my feet. The clouds were low. All of a sudden there was hundreds upon hundreds of litres of snow pouring down the mountain. We were in NO danger, it was on an opposite mountain, there was a river inbetween us and we were high on the other mountain. Still I was shaking, where to run.

My teammates just watched.

We started the downhill ascent still with my heart jumping out of my thorax, but it subsided.

There was a vague rumour of a 72hr aftershock which would have been at 12. We were crossing a long swing bridge about this time and I still thought how would I know if there had been an aftershock as my legs were like jelly a normal feeling walking along these bridges.

The terrain was mainly through forest like regions, pretty stable if there had been any activity.
Some villages are more affected than others and some paths more affected than others.

It was good to get to Namche. A safe haven. There was little damage so that was also a comforter…

Fast forward to today 2.5.15

Two of our team mates decided to walk to the airport. Three of us were not capable.

So after a lazy morning the next thing a helicopter has been arranged and we were flown to Lukla for our flight to Katmandu tomorrow.

It’s strange being in Lukla…where our walk started. It’s brought us back to a reality that I don’t suppose we want to face.

A walk around in Lukla revealed little damage. Most people I’ve spoken to in Namche haven’t really had damage either.

I braved the rain and the threatening of my hotel closing to endulge in my first Starbucks!! I was suitable impressed.

It’s Kathmandu and reality tomorrow if the weather plays along.

I’m not sure of donations to Nepal but will check and let you know.

Otherwise help a kid in need. Support kids cancer.
www.everest2015.co.za/Cupcakes4Kids or www.everest2015.co.za/CHOC

Thanks SO much for all your prayers…I just haven’t gotten to reading your posts but will soon! Feeling much better THANK YOU XXX