Day 21

Another sunny day but were always in need of a jersey or two because outdoors the winds remind you just where you are. People are going up through the icefall and most news is good with a little adjuments it’ll all be good news. One series of verical ladders near the end seems to be causing hours of delay for… Read more →

Day 20

Another day of early internet. Today again is a superb day, it was as if we didn’t even see the snow! Adjusting harnesses and normal daily activity was the mainstay for today and trying to spot activity in the ice fall as it was all fixed yesterday and people are eager to get through. I Got some great tips from… Read more →

Day 19

Today was a beautiful day. I had already decided I would be out and about today but last night our Sirdar came in and said we should do some exercise! Sounds good. So after a very windy night where some of our team members got to know their tents well, we awoke to a bright and sunny day. We headed… Read more →

Day 18

I’m never sure when the generator will go on or when we’ll have internet so not much of the day has passed but my brother will post later. Today one year ago I lay in my tent and heard an avalanche, this was nothing unusual but the events that transpired changed the Everest world forever. It’s a quite day as… Read more →

Day 17

So everyday there seems to be something going on. Today there was nothing going on…there was nothing special to report on, this went through my mind over a few seconds I think you just have to look around to see what is special Today is today, I thought I should have used some of yesterday’s news today but it’s not… Read more →

Day 16

Had a great sleep which made getting ready for the day that much easier. Today we would be practising ladders and on the ice. Everything seemed so easy last year as I manipulated my way up, across and down. Having this confidence I put on my harness and double plastics and we headed out to play. First a team picture… Read more →

Cupcakes of Hope

Donna choose Cupcakes for Kids with Cancer as one of her charities to support because of the amazing work they do bring joy and hope to children suffering for cancer. These children may never get to live their dreams and they need all the help and support they can get. Please consider donating at: Donate to Cupcakes for Kids with… Read more →

Day 15

It’s always good when you wake up and your clothes are still on the line ! So just before we went to bed Ronnie says just get up when you hear some movement so 630am turned more into 740am which suited us just fine. The setting was the white mountain, the alter had been set with a red and blue… Read more →

Day 14

Hey guys almost 50 likes in 10days. THANK YOU XXX Thank you to for ALL your intreast. Thank you for putting up with my English and spelling errors. Unfortunately once I’ve posted it, I can’t edit my post and I reread it and I’m like Homer Simpson ‘duuuuh!’ (After reading it a few times before!) If I don’t respond or… Read more →

Day 13

Upon bedtime as we exited the tent snow was falling. The next thing at 230am I’m awoken to my tent been shaken vigorously, spades shovelling, lights and people talking Nepali. This was rather scary as I had no idea what was happening but come 600am I had realized the drill and was grateful for our men who actually woke to… Read more →