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K-Way generously sponsored us our down suits in 2014 for our 2014 Everest summit bid. Unfortunately due to an icefall and the tragic death of 16 people our Summit was cancelled.

With temperatures on Summit being anything from minus 25 and lower it’s imperative to have the proper gear. K-Way’s downsuit while not only being able to withstand temperatures till minus 40 is meticulously made. We all went for individu

al measurements to have a personalized suit and we will use it for the majority of the time we are above basecamp, 5350m.

We proudly wear the K-Way label.

We luckily got to at least put on our down suits for a few hours in 2014 as we couldn’t go above 5350m due to the tragedy, I hope you enjoy the results.




We all love taking those hundreds of photos so for me a camera is a must have item.

Orms always gives solid advise at great prices and when I was asking about advise last year they phoned one of their sponsors, John Lucas from Explore4knowledge to get accurate advise.

I’m very happy with my Canon that I purchased in 2012 and it’s seen many adventures and held alot of treasured memories.

Here’s to many more breathtaking pics on the mountain!




Explore4knowledge’s was started by John Lucas.

I saw his company advertised in Drifters and thought it looked really intreasting. The next moment I was asking Orms about camera advise in freezing temperatures, would you believe the next thing they’re phoning John for advice.

I decided to find out more about Johns company and when I googled him I saw he tweeted about Orms asking him for advice. I thought this was rather amusing so I contacted John.

I would then meet John at a K-way function later.

John is a committed conservationist and has gone on to do huge projects all with the environment and education in mind. The main object time is to promote education through adventure. John is not only the founder of explore4knowledge®, e4k®, he is also an Award Winning Nature Conservationist, Photographer, Educator and Youth Developer

Of his friends and mentors who endorse the ethos behind explore4knowledge include people like Braam Malherbe, who along with David, were the first people to run the entire great wall of China, and the entire coastline of South Africa. As well as Adventurer and Everest Summit Alex Harris, to name a few.

John gave up his quality time for me and gave me solid advice and some really great ideas. John is well known in his industry and is being internationally recognized.

Don’t forget to check out his website explore4knowledge to see all this fantastic works.

Here’s to planting a flag in the Himalayas and exploring through Knowledge.


Drifters Extreme Sport, Cape Town

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There’s one thing to dream about Everest but actually getting things done is an entirely different thing.

So to walk in a shop and be given loads of advise, shown useful and great products and then people there give you extra time and attention….well that is exactly what you want. These guys go out there and walk, hike, climb (and many other things) the talk!

Thank you Matt and the boys well be seeing you soon!

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