The Priveledge of Priveledge

I only jumped at the chance of helping Gift of the Givers and Dr Sooliman when I heard they were in Nepal offering their services.

Dr Sooliman is the founder of this extra ordinary organization and from my home town. Although before now he had no clue who I was, I felt he was already a part of my heart. He had spoken at both my graduations and the Gift of the Givers work is recognized far and wide.

I joined at the end of the mission and while the 6 orthopaedic surgeons were operating away the Primary health care team went into the villages.

The Surgeon and Max Fax did some blood pressures as their skills weren’t needed for surgery. The paediatric intensivist shone her cellphone light to check out the children’s throat and their teeth. The gynae delighted in her pregnant patients and the anaesthetist was enjoying her new consulting rooms in the open air with the gentle breeze, the foliage and the mulicoloured array of patients.

We had about 5 Nepali doctors who reside in South Africa, 2 of whom frantically triaged patients with some history before sending them on to another doctor for an exam.

There wasn’t really enough space for us all to see patients so after seeing a few I tried my hand at being a pharmacist as that was where the greatest need was.

The stars undoubtedly were the volunteer Nepali young adults who got roped into being our lifeline between patients explaining Meds and symptoms. They got the hang of the meds and eventually they just carried on and took the Meds from our hands and explained the well versed prescription to yet another patient.

We had a fair variety of medication but nothing chronic.

Driving over 2 hours by bus as we jolted up and down we passed by many a house that had a story. Some couldn’t tell there stories unfortunately.

The gift of being priveledged enough to be invited to hear the deepest secrets, to examine a life, to caress a face, to play poke a child, to hold a hand….to carry a heart.